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Eagles Transportation llc
Starting our operations last 2019, we render non-emergency medical transportation services to clients with various health or mobility issues. We specifically coordinate trips with transportation providers, drivers, healthcare facilities, the clients and their families.  Eagles transportation llc can help with the itinerary planning and ensuring that transportation is available to the patient when and where it is needed.

Our Services
There are many occasions and situations where our transportation’s services can be useful. These can involve any of the following

Doctor’s Appointments


Events and Outings

Long Distance Trips

Prescription Drug Pick-up

Specialized Treatments

Religious Services

Uninterrupted Health Care
We ensure the smooth transition from hospital to home for many clients who have recently had a surgery or have finished their treatment. We know that their conditions are in their most fragile status. For this, Eagles transportation llc will do what it takes to preserve their health and safety while on the road. We are a widely respected provider of Non-Emergency Transportation in columbus , Ohio.

Working Hours 24/7

Phone: 614-401-7357

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